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What next…? (2017 Spring & Summer)

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So… here we are… some good months later… posting what’s next… what is to come!!!

So lots of things happened during our stay here in the USA which ended up assuring us God’s will for us now is that we go to the nations again.

And again, we’re heading to the Caribbean. Yes, we’re heading South for a change. It’s been so long we’ve been sailing North that this change is something were really looking forward to.

There is a plan, a route, which you’ll get to enjoy while sailing with us. For now, what I can let out is our first stop after leaving in the beginning of March, will be the Bahamas… and that during the hurricane season, we’ll be safe!!! We don’t want to go through what we went through last year when Matthew struck Florida in October.

But in all things, what we want to do is what He tells us to do. So if plans change, it’s a good thing. It shows our hearts are still open to obeying and going wherever He tells us to go. So sail with us!!!! 🙂

Changes are tough. Goodbyes are even tougher. But our Mighty God takes care of our hearts and the hearts of the ones staying staying behind (at least for this little while), who we know we can count on in supporting us in prayers (we need your prayers!!!).

So thank you!!! Big thanks to you, who helped us get organized, load the boat with whatever we need to take with us and help out communities and churches throughout the Caribbean; you, who help us with Bibles, provisions, toiletries, equipment, and so on and so forth.

We feel blessed and we praise the Lord for being able to see Him working through your lives as well, while you serve Him like this.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Amar Sem Fim Crew

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Tripulante da embarcação "Veleiro Amar Sem Fim"

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